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With a prominent position on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, the city of Malaga is highly popular with people in search of sunshine and easy living. Apart from the beaches and the pleasant climate, Malaga has a broad cultural selection.

Málaga enjoys a subtropical climate with temperate winters and hot summers - conveniently interrupted by occasional winds from the Mediterranean Sea. The weather of Malaga is similar to the weather of for instance Tunis and California. This makes Malaga a much preferred holiday destination for people fleeing the cold northern climate. Even during the winter, the average day temperature is about 17°C.

However, Malaga is much more than sunshine end endless beaches. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, dating about 2,800 years back. Today the centre of Malaga can be perceived as somewhat of an open museum with historical architecture, old monuments, and archaeological treasures covering the last three millenniums. This makes Malaga a brilliant holiday choice, if you prefer your sunshine holiday spiced up with cultural inputs.

Malaga has a rich artistic heritage as well, being the birthplace of the world famous artist Pablo Picasso. We recommend you pay a visit to the local Picasso Museum. It’s placed in the historical centre of Malaga from where you can also appreciate the oldest architectural remains, the botanical garden, beautiful old churches, and many an interesting museum.

If you visit Malaga during the spring, we recommend you experience the Holy Week celebration in Easter. It’s a major local event where grand religious parades accompanied with trumpet music pass through the city. Another grand event worth travelling for is the Feria de Malaga in August, a celebration of Spanish culture and history. At this time the streets of Malaga groan with dance, wine, tapas, and traditional music.

Malaga is the best of both worlds. It’s a sunny location next to the Mediterranean with a rich local history and a broad cultural selection.

november - ilmaennustus, Malaga

  • Temperatuur 11-20 °C
  • Kuivad päevad 21-
  • Keskmine sademete 88 mm
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  • Rahvastik 569K
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